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Hello! I’m Jhoan Salazar Graphic Designer from Colombia.

Of course, graphic design is my passion in which developing the language of color and fine tuning a variety of elements allows me to easily move forward in working on social media, videos, logos, posters, magazines and many more.

UI Design | Graphic Design | Branding  | Animation

Resents Works

Info-Video for the UN

This informative video made in coordination and direction of RUEDASTUDIO.COM, for the UN (United Nations), executed with the following programs, Illustrator, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premier.
Purpose: to demonstrate the use of the web platform.

Info-Video Meaning of the scouting left-hand Shake

This video was made with the following programs, Illustrator and after effects, this video narrates the reason why the scouts greet each other with the left hand, it was a personal project and also object of study, because it was presented as final work to graduate as 2d-3d animator.

2D Animation - "Alles ist möglich"

When creativity flows and there is time to tell small stories, «everything is possible», made with illustrator and after Effects.

Purpose: to show that each one of us has the possibility to reach the unreachable. 

2D Animation "Brumm"

I always had the opportunity to ride a motorbike, that’s why my dreams became a lively moment not to forget what I always liked to do. 

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